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Shire Open Mic β€” Performances

edited September 2015 in Current Events
Heeeey guise,

So it seems plenty of people like this idea... Which means it'll be happening! Now, just a few things I gotta get from y'all... If y'all haven't seen the other post about times, please click hereΒ to check it out and put in your comment/vote!

Alright, on with the stuffles!

For all the potential performers who are considering to perform... Awesome! For all the Shirelings who know they want to perform... Awesome(x2)!

Buuut let's keep what you're performing a sneakret from the Shire population for naow so people won't know what to expect, but shoot me a private message about what you might/will be performing. If you're wanting to sing a song, definitely shoot me a pm to let me know, especially if you have a backing track you wanna use; download it and send it to me, or pm me a youtube link. I'll see about getting a sound pack with the tracks made. If you're grouping up (pair or more), and you have a group name, lemme know, too (you can post this as a reply in the comments xP)!

I'll see to building a little amphitheatre for the event soon (anyone fancy helping? xD). I'll have a board up with names and stuffles eventually, so do let me know!

Also, in addition to the "fixed" performances, if you suddenly want to do something on the day, or if audiences want an encore, or if you want to have another performance, that is totally open. We'll get through the "fixed" performances first, and then have requests and other stuffles following. You don't have to be restricted to just one performance!

No judging, guise! It's a chill event in a non-judgemental area. Amphitheatre rules!

Thanks~~~ x3


  • Lia dahhling, I think it would be better to just have people play the instrumental themselves as opposed to play it on MC and sing it because, as we found out with the wedding, lots of people were having trouble hearing the music and it's definitely out of sync with when you sing it in teamspeak as opposed to playing it in real life.
  • xD the music certainly did go haywire during the wedding
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