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Soooo because I'm lacking the need to be academically productive in this period atm, but still in need of something to do...

I figured I'd just write out an update on the progress of Hobbiton, as well as a few of my new project ideas that are only just beginning to begin to enter the the beginning of pre-planning stage.

After the current epic library BC ends, Kui and I will be focused on completing Hobbiton. We have a whole lot of fancy ideas for Hobbiton, and we do have quite a few things to start/finish building, but we promise you'll love it once it's done!

[There was more, but it's too long, so this shall be posted as an update in the original Hobbiton post!]

Right... So what after Hobbiton?

I have so much planned for after that project. I may scrap a few ideas, but currently these are a few that I know I definitely will be doing:
  • Shoppe Promenade
  • Mansion Avenue (If y'all can come up with a better name for this strip of road, I might change it >.< --I'm considering "Residency Avenue"... Thoughts?)
  • Great Wall of Shire
I think I'll work on those projects in that order. Definitely Shoppe Promenade first, as that idea has been dwelling in my mind for a long while.

Shoppe Promenade and Mansion Avenue are pretty much going to be a long gigantic strip of road lined with either shops (in the case of Shoppe Promenade) or mansions (in the case of Mansion Avenue). There'll be a Centre Circle in both, where people would arrive at, and possibly with a train station attached to them...


[There was more, but it's too long, so this shall be posted in a separate post!]

Of course, these won't be started for a bit. At least not until Hobbiton is mostly finished. And by "mostly", I mean all the ground details, such as the Hobbit holes, the circles, the tavern, the train station, the farm, the graveyard, etc, etc, etc... And that won't be for a bit, so... x333

And there's Lia's rant of the day.

Wow. I've spent my entire 3rd period writing this. This is great; I don't have to do a lot of waiting anymore.

Welp, I hope y'all enjoyed reading that. I certainly enjoyed writing that.

Okay, class, baiiii~~~~!! x333
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