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Shoppe Promenade, Mansion Avenue, and the Great Wall of Shire

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So as mentioned, Shoppe Promenade is a strip of shops. Costa Copy will be dominating in the cafés category (courtesy of Andy who has already claimed this position ^-^); however, I do want to also implement a few Starblocks, possibly Pacific Copy, and very few Mugs. (You can't complain, GJ; you keep firing me. I've had enough fires D<) The rest of the stores will appear eventually. The idea is to have every store possible in this very long street. [Copied Fried Chicken, anyone? What about WcDonalds? Definitely Burger Queen and Dairy King, though?]

Mansion Avenue is a similar idea; however, it'll be a strip of many different types of mansions. To be honest, this idea only came up because I felt like building a mansion, and there were too many mansion ideas that I eventually thought "why not build them all?". [o-o What if there's a mansion building competition =O] #Lia'sRidiculousSpontaneousTimeConsumingIdeas... This happens more often than anybody realises... I'll have so much fun building those anyways. I think in this case the road will be long not because there'll be many mansions, but because the mansions will be gigantic and take up a lot of space. ——

=OO Sudden idea! What if I make the road a tad wider and have a double-line of trees going down the middle? It'll be so much prettier to look at, and a lot more pleasing to walk through; with roads that long there'll definitely be a lot of walking...


Great Wall of Shire should be self explanatory. Does the Shire UN have Shire Wonders to protect yet? Here's one for y'all. Not sure where it might cut through. Still plenty plenty plenty of time before I start this one, though, so I'll figure it out eventually.
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