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Shire Open Mic is fast approaching!!!

edited September 2015 in Current Events
In less than 24 hours Shire Open Mic will commence! =DDD

As Mie mentioned in his post, the times are as follows:
PDT: 7:00am
MDT: 8:00am
CDT: 9:00am
EDT: 10:00am
CET: 4:00pm
CST: 10:00pm

If you're still unsure what the open mic is about, have a read through Mie's post!

Now on to a more serious issue....

Where is this Open Mic to take place? D=

Well, @KuitehKui and I present to you, fellow Shirelings, Shire Grand Amphitheatre!




Shire Grand Amphitheatre was built with thoughts of Ancient Greece and Shakespeare in mind. As can be seen in the pictures above, the structure of the Amphitheatre follows that of Ancient Greece; however, the skēnē of the Amphitheatre is heavily influenced by Shakespeare.

Shire Grand Amphitheatre will be officially opened to public with the Shire Open Mic event! To get there, just go to /warp Amphitheatre.

Now, Kui & I have a challenge for you... And you have until the Shire Open Mic event begins to find your answer!


What is the thing in the red circle, and why is it there?
[Hint: This Amphitheatre looks so much like the Ancient Greek one! Oh wait... That's because it pretty much is. Huh.]

Cookies and cake for whoever figures it out~~~! x333

Glomps to all~~! And I'm looking forward to see y'all there! <3

~~Lia x33



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