Albums/ Songs of the Year?

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So some of you may know that I'm a big music nut... and it's now list season! So list below your favorite albums and songs of the year! 

Albums (in order) 
  1. Carrie and Lowell- Sufjan Stevens
  2. Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit- Courtney Barnett 
  3. To Pimp a Butterfly- Kendrick Lamar 
  4. Art Angels- Grimes 
  5. Ivy Tripp- Waxahatchee 
  6. Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper- Panda Bear 
  7. Depression Cherry- Beach House 
  8. Fading Frontier- Deerhunter 
  9. I Love You, Honeybear- Father John Misty 
  10. Painted Shut- Hop Along 
SONGS (in order)
  1. Courtney Barnett- "Depreston" 
  2. Kendrick Lamar- "King Kunta" 
  3. Sufjan Stevens- "No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross" 
  4. Titus Andronicus- "Dimed Out" 
  5. Rihanna- "FourFiveSeconds" 
Your turn! 


  • Personally, it's been quite a quiet year for me in terms of music, since I haven't really liked a lot of the new content, especially the stuff on the charts. Not saying any of the music you listed above isn't good but I haven't heard it probably because my music taste is pretty limited.

    I suppose my favourite album would be Mariah's new compilation album "#1 to Infinity," which features all of her number ones and her new single "Infinity," which is decent and shows she still has the range :)

    My favourite single is probably "Runnin' (Lose it All)" by Naughty Boy ft. Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin, but again it wasn't excellent. However, it does explore a pretty nice timbre to Bey's voice which she hasn't experimented with too much in her albums so far.
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    @mieshoa ;

    If you like Beyonce, but want something a little more experimental, check out Grimes. She's a producer and songwriter who makes all of her own music. Art Angels is a fantastic pop record to boot. Start with "California" and go from there. 
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    @konegido ;

    I really liked Honeymoon, but it wasn't one of my favorites to make the list! She's still amazing though. 
  • My favorites from 2015 (almost none of which were released in 2015):

    The Handsome Family - 'The Bottomless Hole' 
    This song haunts you with an old western, dusty feeling.  There is a place i Knavobuki that is based on it.
    The Dixie Dregs - [Free Fall] album - 'hand jig' 
    The entire discography of this band is awesome - they're instrumental only and just have a great classic rock sound (probably because they're from the 70's.
    Spoon - "Inside Out" 
    Queens of the Stone Age - "Like Clockwork" 
    Black Mountain - "Set Us Free" 
    Just a badass rock song.
    Lera Lynn - [The Avenues] album in its entirety. "I'm your fool" is a good example.
    Joe Henderson - "'Round Midnight [Live in Japan] 
    Not sure how I made it this far in life without hearing this jazz album until 2015.
    Rival Sons - "Good Things" 
    Tame Impala - [Currents album] 
    Just lay back and relax on this one.  Pop those headphones in.
    Thundercat - "Them Changes" 
    This song blew my mind.  If you don't start chair-dancing when you hear it, you're legally a rock.
    Little Feat "Willin'" 
    Just a good ass trucker song from the 70's.
    Japancakes "Recovering Australia" and "Tremors" 
    Mellow guitar goodness.  I couldn't find Recovering Australia on the Youtubes, its the better of the two.
    Michael McDonald "I Keep Forgetting" 
    I kept forgetting that this is what Regulators is sampled from.  It's a groovy tune, man.
    Kristina Train - "Sparks" 
    Beautiful rendition of the Coldplay classic.
    Luther Vandross - "Never Too Much" 
    Again - if you don't instinctively want to start dancing to this song, you should be mined, chiseled, crushed, and made into gravel because you are stone.

  • literally anything lady gaga since she is my life blood. I know ARTPOP came out last year but I'm still jamming to it
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    @nebbers ;

    Ugh, I love Spoon, QOTSA and that Tame Impala song. And did you find hte handsome family because of True Detective? Because I know I did lol. 

    Uh, excuse me, ArtPop Came out in 2013, not 2014 get it together. 
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    Spoon is love, Spoon is life
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