Happy Christmas from The Shire! :-)

The Equos Challenge

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With the couple challenges Nebs started, I think I'll do something similar for Equos ;-)
The prize: None, I can't grant permissions or anything like that. Unelss a lord wants to. This is for pure fun

So here it goes:

What is the oldest structure from Equos currently standing?

What are the two hidden words hidden in Calvary Tabernacle?

How much is a burger in Calvary Tabernacle?


- Where is the real life Calvary Tabernacle located? Also, what is ironic about Calvary Tabernacle?

- Fact: The structure of the church is not based on the structure of the real Calvary Tabernacle but rather loosely based on what church? Hint: A famous church from Maghion's hometown

What is offered free at the entrance of Equos Excavation site?

What happened to rule breakers according to ancient Equos excavation site?

What originally stood at the site of Equos City Hall before it was moved?

In which tower is Akumuko's bizarre apartment located?

What is at the top floor of Equos Central Station?

What did Stud not like about Grenade Tower?

Which skyscraper was originally an entry for a B.C and who built it?

Which tavern offers a meeting room?

What is at the center of TheCoelhe's house?

Where is Al Qaeda hideout located?

Where can you get a bowl of Donkey Balls Stew? 
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