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Star Wars is the name of a science fiction film several episodes of American celebrities. Star wars wallpaper full hd has been assigned to the "Proactive defense strategy" by President Ronald Reagan during the Cold War. Under President Bush, it was replaced by the "National Missile Defense", also known as "the war of the stars".

Between the "war of the stars" father and son have a common denominator: The United States new enemies so much fear of surprise attack. During the Cold War, countries can threaten to destroy America is none other than the Soviet Union, a superpower with military power and political rivals the United States at that time.

Program "Proactive defense strategy" (SDI) was born in 1968 as an initiative of President Ronald Reagan. It is a system of equipment and weapons in space or is located on the ground to prevent any attack on the United States by strategic nuclear missiles.

SDI was born in the context of the two powers criticized the US and the Soviet Union majority of GDP (gross domestic product) to deploy its military technology, especially ballistic missiles carrying nuclear warheads could attack any targets on the ground (ICBM). The risks and benefits of this weapon is that it so quickly that only flight time in minutes and not every hour. Often it was launched from a mobile launcher in the air, at sea or on land.

One of the ideas is the most impressive SDI uses laser energy to destroy all the nuclear missiles of the Soviet Union from the air. This idea is reminiscent to the weapons of a kind of science fiction movie Star Wars. So many Americans assign to SDI name "Star Wars" sarcastically because when the research and manufacture of all kinds of super weapons are at the stage of toddlers and very expensive. One of Dr. Carol Rosin that is, former adviser and official Werner von Brawn scientist.

SDI also be assigned to the nickname "Star Wars" because in his speech exhorted the American people support the program on the day 3-8-1983 SDI in Florida, President Reagan described the Soviet Union as the "sole bad state, "a familiar phrase in the movie star Wars. Another reason is quite interesting is that people want to poke his hometown capital Reagan practiced movie actor.

SDI programs, ever since its start, with many well-known scientists say impossible. Physicist Hans Bethe, who participated in a nuclear bomb and the hydrogen bomb the US, confirming that the defense shield with a laser beam is "not possible". This defense system, according to him, is too costly and difficult to carry out, but easily destroyed. Soviet Union just use decoys thousands pulled the whole system in a nuclear attack. And this is in the hands of the Soviets. According to him, the only way of stopping the risk of nuclear war is through diplomatic negotiations. Astronomer Carl Sagan, also stated that to treat SDI, the Soviet Union just made lots missile shield, the "Star Wars" will be punctured.

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