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Venice Quiz

edited April 2017 in Quests
This is a quiz for my city, Venezia Nuova, which may be found at /warp Venice.
Answer as many as you can, send your answers to me in a forum PM (do not post them here!) and you could win a few little prizes :D

  1. What price do holy hand grenades retail at in the black market?
  2. State the opening hours of the Brunswick embassy passport and visa office.
  3. What is the phone extension for the security department in the college?
  4. How far back do the college's financial records go? (Which year?)
  5. Which two buildings are linked by the city's only underground single-track railway line?
  6. Name the postmaster of Aston Street post office
  7. Who owns the "Sensational Saplings" market stand outside Helvetica embassy?
  8. What is the largest coffee shop in the city called?
  9. How much does the payphone in Venezia Gardens cost to use?
  10. Where was the city's warp point, originally?
  11. On what road may "Venezia Trash Handling PLC" be found?
  12. How many subjects are taught at the city's primary school?
  13. How many trees are in Carmela Alley park?
  14. What colour is Venezia Library?
  15. How many platforms does Venezia Cipriana station have?
  16. Which two players have blue summer homes at the end of Via Ferroviaria?
  17. What is at the highest level of the college?
  18. How many outlets are in the "Venezia Plaza Covered Market"? ***Not possible to answer at the moment — it's moved!
  19. Which Lord is imprisoned in the lower basement of "Aetheria Mineral Exporting Enterprises"?
  20. Why can't you ring the bell in "LlamaPo Ltd. Headquarters"?
  21. What colour is the Mayor's main home?
  22. How many separate railway lines can be found in the city?
  23. Name the games studio in Viridia Close.
  24. What two building rules are on signs in the town hall?
  25. Which other city does Venezia Nuova share a border with?
  26. For how long has Prisoner 1720 been held in the depths of the Venezia Nuova customs office?
  27. What does Chiara sell outside Cipriana train station?
  28. What colour is the "Venezian Fine Napkins" National Headquarters building?
  29. Which train station was the 'main train stn' until March 2012?
  30. On which street may the Arcade be found?
  31. How many moorings are behind Toria Chapel? 


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