Happy Christmas from The Shire! :-)

Christmas challenge - 2013

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Coming soon! ;)


  • Been seeing some great builds.  I'm guessing those with hilly/mountainous terrain were started by changing the biodome before starting to build?

    If not, is WE allowed? 
  • Nope EandJ.  All the plots started flat (I was one of the first to head to the warp and claim a plot).  Some people have used WE to make their plots...others haven't.  From what i understand the people that have WE aren't eligible to win but that seemed kind of up in the air last time I saw someone ask.
  • It's rather that people who use WE aren't in the competition altogether (the same goes with staff entering). Although why you guys are discussing the competition here, I have no idea. This thread is for another, upcoming feature. ;)
  • Ooh, another quiz?
  • edited December 2013
    Please cease talking the build competition here - if you want to talk about that, make a new discussion :)
    Entries which use worldedit are not considered, and are entered into a separate draw.

    Yes, Lob! But shhhh! 
  • Sorry I've not had time to make a Christmas challenge this year! Been way too busy with work... parties... etc... :)

    Have a lovely Christmas, everyone! 
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