Gamertags: Hook up with your Shire buds online!

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Post here with some info about your gamertags/ID's from whatever else you play. Lots of us are on XboxLive, Playstation Network, etc!


  • Steam:  Catmanoct (Mostly CS:S, Terraria, and a mix of other games, but this is always running)

    Origin:  Lteldwin (Battlefield 3, BF2, BC2)

    Guild Wars 2:  catmanoct.4063, Tarnished Coast Server

    STO: Lt.Eldwin

    Ask me for my Playstation 3 info.
  • Steam: MrColepuck

    (I know, Cole's so game limited)  
  • Steam ID: DancingChimpanzee
  • I'm just Lobstrex or Lobstrex13 on everything ever.
  • Steam: DrakeonX
    PSN: DrakeonX
    XBL: DrakeonX
    Origin: DrakeonX
    Uplay: DrakeonX
    So yeah, the same thing pretty much everywhere.

    I don't use XBL anymore though, so the others are where you'd want to add me. (Just make sure you let me know you came from this site)
  • Steam: passout9
    PSN: racedude66
    XBL: FullMetalHellie
    Origin: passout9
    Uplay: passout9

    thats it really everything else is: passout9 
  • My minecraft name is Zyno69, we should definitely play together sometime.
  • 0031benjy0031benjy Arbiter
    edited December 2013
    Minecraft: 0031benjy (OMG you already knew? Stalker.)
    PSN: BenjyIsAwesome97 (Made it when I was like 11 alright?)
    Age of Empires 3 (Still play it! It's tha shizz): 0031benjy
    WoW LoL and whatever: Nope
    Platform Racing 2 (My favourite Flash game evar): 0031benjy 
    Steam: Penguin_Splashdown 
  • Ooh I haven't played that in Ages....of Empires III
  • Minecraft: Cooki3Dude/TehManiacMan

    Steam: Cooki3Dude 

    um. yeah. I totally play tons and tons of games.
  • XBL: xSwindledx
    PSN: xSwindlerx and PokoDotTrix
    Steam: xSwindledx
  • Steam: hongkong822 
    PSN: Sammiches822

    Don't make fun of my steam tag ;-; 
    3DS Friend Code: 2449-5587-1519
    Wii U (Follow me on Miiverse! :D) : Mieshoa

    If anyone is a fan of competitive pokemon X and Y OU battles leave your friend code and challenge me :D
  • GJRickardGJRickard Engineer
    edited February 2015
    Minecraft: GJRickard
    Steam: GJRickard (Mind.. Blown..)
    Xbox Live: xXProGamer9Xx 
    Youtube: GJPlus Gaming
    Wii U/3DS Miiverse and Nintendo ID: GJRickard
    3DS Friend Code: 3969-7024-9892
    Colors! Gallery: GJRickard
    LoL: xXProGamer9Xx
    Google+: Gabriel Rickard

    If you have Super Smash Bros for 3DS, I'll challenge you.. >:)
    I also will like, beat you on every Forza game ever made.. :3
    (Almost everything is GJRickard.. Almost...)

  • Steam: passout9
    PSN: racedude66
    XBL: FullMetalHellie
    Origin: passout9
    Uplay: passout9
    Battle Nations: FullMetalHellion
    Game Center: Passout9 
  • Steam: passout9
    PSN: racedude66
    XBL: FullMetalHellie
    Origin: passout9
    Uplay: passout9
    Battle Nations: FullMetalHellion
    Game Center: Passout9

    ~my main forums account is down and cant log in. it didn't say why~
  • Steam: Fatal_Femma
    PSN: Fatal_Femma
    LoL: Fatal_Femma
    Minecraft: Prey2Live_EVDY (WHO KNEW!?!) 

  • I guess I should add to this list :P just a side note, when you add me on any of these, tell me who you are in the add message, so I know not to ignore you as being a creeper :)

    Steam: Lord of Waffleslaying
    LoL: LordDrekar
    Guild Wars 2 (doubt anyone plays it but here it is anyway): Professor Drekk
    Minecraft: Lord_Drekar (duh)

    If I think of any more, I'll add them in. Also, don't ask about the ridiculousness of my names. :) they all have personal importance xD 
  • Rixiepixie on nearly everything

    Origin - Rixiepixie
    Steam - Rixiepixie
    minecraft - Rixiepixie 
  • Psn or whatever Ps3 is: Zachery119       (Just got tons of new games)


    Thats pretty much it.. I have an xbox but I play very rarely on it 
  • [quote="Sammiches822;176"]Steam: hongkong822 
    PSN: Sammiches822

    Don't make fun of my steam tag ;-; [/quote]

    Why did le sammiches choose hongkong? 
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