SEC is now officially overthrown.

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Glompings dear Shirelings!!!

This is Lia speaking!! How are you all? I hope you’re all well!! <3 If not, well, glomps to you, because glomps make all better! =DD

Now… Onto a more serious matter… Many months ago, after Mie & I’s epic wedding, events slowly started to pop up at a more frequent rate on Shire. An ex-member decided to take it upon himself to establish what he called the Shire Events Committee (SEC )… Which, unfortunately, very quickly fell through and became something of a sad legend in Shire.

HOWEVER!!! I have been given the go-ahead by authorities to overthrow this shell of a committee and give rise to a new one!

And so, my fellow Shirelings, I am here on this day to present to you…


We of SEPA will be planning various future Shire-wide events for special occasions! A few of these might possibly include Shire Anniversary, Christmas/New Years, Shire Open-Mic Night, etc.!

Additionally, if you have a special event of your own you wish to share with the Shire nation, you can call upon SEPA to help you plan and organise! Put in requests; let us know all the details! Weddings, dinners, birthdays, court divorces, parties, fashion runway competitions, etc... We’ll run them through Shire authorities, and if it is approved of, our agency will help you plan the event—whatever it may be!

Thank you all so much for your attention regarding the rise of this new agency. SEPA looks forward to helping bring back more fun and exciting events that promotes Shire community bonding. You have fun, we have fun, everybody has fun!

One more thing: SEPA is already in the midst of planning Shire’s next big event! Keep a close look-out for an upcoming SEPA post about this!


~~Lia & the SEPA team. <33



  • YAS!
  • MieshoaMieshoa Arbiter
    Yass cant wait for events to start poppig up again!
  • [quote="Mieshoa;6759"]Yass cant wait for events to start poppig up again! [/quote]

    I'll legit make Shire Open-Mic Night annual! x33
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