Games - Screenshot Thread

Hello! I wanted to start a thread where we all share different screenshots of other games that we play. The screenshots can be beautiful scenery from your game, or silly moments you want to share with us. Please only share your own screenies, I don't want this to turn into finding the coolest looking screenshots on google, I want to see your gaming experiences :)
I'll start! :D
Here is a screenshot of me playing battlefield 2 some years back:

I broke one of my old Skyrim saves, I have no idea how this happened, but multiple npc's had a duplicate of themselves:

Please share your own screenshots and tell us a bit about them :D


  • I play a lot of Garry's Mod when I'm not writing or playing MC, so here is a silly looking screenshot from the "Elevator" mod on Gmod. 

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    [quote="Vetous;6857"]I play a lot of Garry's Mod when I'm not writing or playing MC[/quote]

    Garry's Mod is my most played game on steam :3
    My favourite gamemode is DarkRP, here is my friend and I as swat :)
    I rarely play it now tho.
  • JimmyJimmy Arbiter
    Playing 7 days to die, sniping zombies from a secure rooftop location:
  • JimmyJimmy Arbiter
    The whole forest..
  • HayHay Lady
    imageI'm not even ashamed.
  • John117John117 Engineer
    Here is a tiny and badly taken picture of the Hoth shield generator that I made back in 2012
  • Here we see a screenshot of Andy willingly joining Divinity's Reach by putting the flag of the city in both his hands and on top of his head! A true patriot! image
  • HayHay Lady
    @Jenner May I please have a Divinity's Reach flag for the Laurelian International Embassy? =)
  • image
    I maybe caused a slight traffic incident a few days ago.
  • MieshoaMieshoa Arbiter
    edited July 2016
    Sam's legendary typo
    And I don't even know what this is
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