Shire Tunes (Share music you like)

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Welcome to the music thread! Share music that you love, and share your thoughts.
Only post once, and edit your comment when adding more music! :) Thank you~

Tony Anderson 
His music is very complex. A lot of his songs are relaxing, but some are powerful. I listen to Journey and Changing of Seasons the most.

Sweet Talker 
All of their music is great. Hard to describe their music.

Twilight Meadow 
My favorite song from them: 
No words to explain their music.

Great electronic music! Some good songs from them: 

Galileo Galilei
Disbanded, so songs are on the internet.

Incredibly unique style, I love their music.

Lauren Aquilina
Her songs are beautiful. 

Would love to hear what you guys think of the music! ^-^

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