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Thank you

LukasDaKing Member, Wiki Editor
i just wanted to come on here to thank you guys so much for just having a great server, i really feel like i know people and have friendships with people on there. I've been having some troubles in school recently (i moved) and i was pretty lost. i found the server and everyone here is so nice and welcoming. i've had so much fun and so many great interactions with players.thank you so much for running an amazing server


  • :) I'm glad you are happy here, Lukas :) thank you for your kind words
  • Mieshoa
    Mieshoa Member, Wiki Editor, Retired Staff
    Thank you for being a part of it! :) I'm so happy that this server has helped you feel better! This is why we should always make sure that the Shire is a warm and welcoming place to everyone.
  • Well your Shire family is always here for you - no matter what changes in your life!

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