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Idea for hall of culture

LukasDaKing Member, Wiki Editor
i had this idea that in my town, there would be a long hall that would hold pieces showing off different cultures of cities and towns. Each town could submit some build/sculpture/thing that would fit in a 5x5 space. the flag would be next to the build aswell as the name of the town and what the build is. if anyone is interested or has any feedback it would be appreciated!


  • John117
    John117 Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    Sounds like a neat idea!
  • Mythendor
    Mythendor Wiki Editor
    sounds good, but 5x5 is really small, maybe a space a little larger?
  • I made a miniature cherry blossom tree in my 5x5. it felt like a good size to me =)
  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Arbiter
    the windmill i made fit nice in 5x5 too! just gotta make it small
  • Antheus
    Antheus Arbiter, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    The thingy I made fit in the 5x5 also, just takes a lil thought XD
  • You could model it somewhat like a World's Fair.