Any SimCity players?

LobstrexLobstrex Member
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Heya, anyone play Simcity 2013? Would love to creater a reigon with you guys :)


  • Anno 2070 > Simcity (Any, especially the more recent ones) :p
  • If you want to buy me that, be my guest :)
  • I was obsessed with SC4 and have a massive region... but never played SC2013.  :(
  • Lobs, not saying do anything illegal, but piracy is always an option, whether on a computer or the high seas. (But really if you become a sea pirate that'd be sweet).
  • PsYcHoX88PsYcHoX88 Member, Engineer
    pfffff, Sim City 3000 ftw
  • Lobs, i'll pick it up. We can build a utopia together.
  • I was thinking of buying it very recently. I was really surprised at it's price (only £15) so I might. Would you reccommend it?
  • It's good fun, yeah. Only problem is that is had to be downloaded through Origin, which my ISP does not like connecting to for whatever reason. But's it's nice and user friendly, so It's worth a shot.
  • Ok I'll give it a shot and tell you when I've got it, and hopefully soon :) looks like a game I'll enjoy. By the way, when you buy it from origin is it downloaded to your cpu or sent to you as a disc in the post?
  • I think it's downloaded. You can buy disc versions via amazon, though.
  • I have it! Love that game, except when giant lizards destroy my nuclear power plant, emitting radiation all throughout my city, thus causing it to be abanondoned completely... *cough* Make a region with me!
  • Good i hate discs :)
  • yah got it :D :D :D what do i do? xD
  • anything on origin is download only. just so you know. :P
  • yh im happy about that i hate discs
  • I personally like discs, I'm (probably irrationally) worried that someday someone's just gonna block access to my digital copies (and discs are shiny).
  • It's true they are shiny, but I lose stuff very easily as well >.<
  • Just sent you a friend request :)
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