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Oranjestad Discussion

nebbers Lord
edited March 2014 in Project Discussion
Big changes are happening in Oranjestad, and as such, I felt it appropriate to document it here on the forum.  I also have several opportunities for intrepid builders who wish to stake a claim in Oranjestad.

1) Aeolus has drifted away!  It now resides just south of Budapest.  The former road that connected Aeolus to Oranjestad is closed permanently.  Tragically, the cathedral's island was lost in a freak worldedit continental drift accident.  I'll try to recover it in the future.

2.) The island between Homestar Port and Oranjestad has been cleared and prepped for a new all-purpose arena/stadium!  I'm looking for volunteers to assist. 

3.) There are numerous plots available, and for you interior-junkies, the majority of Oranjestad buildings are empty and ready for occupation.  Just ask me for build permission and claim a plot/building!

4.) I'm accepting volunteers or ideas for a new Oranjestad train station!