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SEPA - Shire Annual Open-Mic is approaching!

edited September 2016 in Current Events
Glompings again everyone!!! I know I've disappeared for quite a bit of time; really sorry about that! My only excuse is work and sleep, which is super lame, tbh. Also, thank you @Mieshoa for writing up the last post!

Since the date for Shire Annual Open-Mic is just around the corner, and there seems to be an obvious winner from the polls, I thought write up a new post before I have to disappear for the next three days again. If you want a refresher on what the event is, click here! (Keep in mind that the date in that post is incorrect.)

Shire Annual Open-Mic Night is officially happening on...
EDT (East Coast) - Saturday, October 1st, 19:00
PDT (West Coast) - Saturday, October 1st, 16:00
BST (British Time) - Sunday, October 2nd, 00:00
SGT (Singapore Time) - Sunday, October 2nd, 7:00

Hope to see y'all there in a few days! Remember, the event will be held at Shire Grand Amphitheatre! You can reach it via "/warp amphitheatre", or you can travel by rail (Riverwood => Amphitheatre)!



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