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Belthil Breaks From Oranjestad over recent Shireleaks documents

Belthil, Mainland Suburbs: 

Belthil said Monday that it was dissolving the political union with Oranjestad after a recent ShireLeaks document dump. The Shireleak documents showed it was Oranjestad, not Fulfwotz as previously reported, that was attempting to silence outspoken Oranjestad critic Julian Melange. The Aboite native is currently living under political asylum in Belthil.

Various Oranjestad officials and pundits have made threatening statements directed at Melange in the past. ShireLeaks tweeted in early October an alleged 2010 quote from then-Secretary of State Killary Pepe asking if Melange could be killed in a drone strike, and, that same year, former Oranjestad strategist Rob Peckel said on Oranje TV that "a dead man can't leak stuff." This month, "specific information" prompted Melange to scrap a dramatic Belthil Tower balcony address to celebrate ShireLeaks' 10th anniversary.

Melange also has hinted that deceased Oranjestad staffer Seth Rich may have been a secret source for ShireLeaks. Rich, 27, was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds to the back at an Alpha Beach intersection in July. He died soon thereafter. Authorities believe Rich was the target of a botched robbery; however, odd circumstances surrounding his death have invited conspiracy theories.

The controversial anti-secrecy website has been busy in October, methodically releasing a trove of emails allegedly stolen from the gmail account of Oranjestad's Chief Director of Intelligence John Odesta. ShireLeaks had released just more than 12,000 emails of a purported 50,000 they have access to as of Monday morning. The Odesta emails have raised questions about a too-cozy working relationship between the Oranje County government and some members of the media and has also shed light on how Nebbers' team handled various scandals.

The latest leaks suggest Oranjestad was responsible for for Belthil's city-wide power outage 4 months ago and the massive Internet outage that occurred in 2015. Belthil has reported numerous massive data breaches in the past from an unknown state - the new leaks seem to answer who was responsible for these attacks.

"Oranjestad has used and abused us long before we were an Associated State - all in an effort to control us and silence Mr. Melange. Our investigators are now reviewing the vote to become an Oranjestad Associate State - we expect to find a manipulated voter tally.

Oranjestad officials were not available for comment.



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