A football leauge?

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So, about a week ago this idea came in my head as Tsu, San, me and Neb discussed about cool names for football teams.
And well, i thought, why not make a football leauge for the Shire? So i presented my idea to Hay, and she said i should ask you, the Shirelings, if you would like the idea or not.

So, if you guys like the idea, my plan would be this:
1. Thinking about team names and colors
2. Searching for good stadium desgins
3. Building the stadiums
4. Thinking about stadium names


  • The Laurelian Lunars - our colors will be white and gold kthx
  • The Paarsdam Hammers - Orange and Purple

    Also is this American football or rest-of-the-world soccer football?
  • The Fulfwotz Royals - Crimson and gold

    we're that one really bad team that somehow still has a sizable franchise and following
  • The Oranje County Creamsicles - our colors are Cream and Orange, and we're delicious.
  • [quote="Wuggeh0;7785"]The Paarsdam Hammers - Orange and Purple

    Also is this American football or rest-of-the-world soccer football?[/quote]

    Dunno, it's up to you how you like it.
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    The Kanaloan Fishes - Blue and Cyan
    The really good team that has no fans
  • The Clementine Oranges (purple and white) would be in a professional football league if they were better so you're stuck watching college football with them. They're based in the Hitchcock stadium at the University of Clementine.
  • AntheusAntheus Engineer
    Riverwood Sellouts
    Riverwood Raptors
    Riverwood Rangers
    Riverwood Racists
    Riverwood Barbarians
    Riverwood Something

    Blue and Gold/Yellow
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    (For when my city (Brit-City) goes Live)

    Name: Brit-City Busters
    Colour(s): Black & Yellow
    Home Stadium: Brit-City Soccer Grounds
    - Briter News (Briter News. Giving you the daily going-ons in Brit-City)
    - Hall of Justice/Judge's Division (Join the Judge's & be Judge, Jury & Executioner)
    - MARBLE Comics (Home of the Amazing Spioder-Mon, the Despicable Doodpool & the Uncanny X-Mon)

    EDIT: I'm also curious if this project is still active. If so, I'd be interested in helping to start it off.
    EDIT #2: I also think we should have a Wiki page on the In-Game Soccer, with a History section, Team Links, Championships & Leagues.
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