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An Illegal Business is trying to Oppress Me.

Sammiches822 Arbiter
edited March 2014 in Off Topic
Not many of you will care about this, but XxAndrew's business, AIB, which supposedly "runs" the Shire's economy, has been trying to deflect any SEA or Fulfwotz/Demmatrodine involvement in anything. After a long and heated discussion, it was found out that AIB was not approved by any lords, only its predecessor was. SEA is a lord-authorized organization. I am requesting that AIB be shut down due to illegal operations. If this cannot be met then I request that it be authorized/unauthorized by the lords and the withdrawal of any AIB involvement in any of my, or allied operations. It has also come to my attention that Exxon has been selling oil to this illegal company. All I ask is that Exxon be left to the discretion of SEA, as it once was.  **==


  • Morris_h
    Morris_h Member, Wiki Editor
    AIB is registered as: "SSE:AIB" under the Shire Stock Exchange's financial industry. The initial public offering was authorized by the IronBat Banking department in 2013. The company is currently traded at $77.31 with a P/E ratio of 12.1. Due to the AIB being one of the older corporations that are in existence, the economy of the shire would, as stated by Shire Reserve Chairman, Wyrmleaf, experience a horrible recession if it fails to operate, "too big to fail" was what he described it as. Moreover, if the AIB falls, the IronBat Banking department would have a complete monopoly over the banking industry, violating section 5-7 of the Shire Antitrust law, where no company should have a monopoly over an industry without competition. Legitimate business or not, the company influenced so much of the Shire's economy that it cannot be shut down. Or try it.. and see what happens. The Lehman brothers would be your warning.
  • XxAndrew
    XxAndrew Member, Wiki Editor
    edited March 2014
    This arguement arose between Sam and I when I chose not to join the overtakers and remain neutral in the conflict. AIB has evolved out of what was previously a nebbers-endorsed bank that was created around 2 years ago, and despite Sam's claims, is quite harmless and not illegal in the slightest. AIB is in fact very helpful to the Shire economy, as it provides both advice (business and legal) and IPO underwriting services for any companies that wish to go public on the soon to be constructed Shire Stock Exchange (SSE).

    One of the conflicts mentioned by Sam is the agreement between Exton (note the "t") and AIB, whereas Exton Valdez supplies oil for Vashon and AIB provides legal support and advice for Exton in return, along with other services. One of the main questions raised by AIBlegal was that Psycho (the owner of Exton) is a part of the Liberators, while Sammich is a part of the Overtakers. SEA has launched various investigations into the completely ethical and enviromentally safe practices of Exton, and despite no findings of any breaches of law, is rumored to be planning on shutting down Exton. This decision appears to have been reached by Sam with no consultations amongst other SEA members or server leaders. It should be again noted that Sam is the leader of the Overtakers, while Psycho is a member of the Liberators. This is a pretty clear conflict of interests, and it seems as if Sam is using SEA as a political tool to attack his rivals. I suggest that an oversight committee of neutral parties be created to look at this problem and see if it can be resolved in a way as such that it prevents future abuse of power. Sammich also offered to supply Vashon with oil found under Demmatrodine if AIB and Vashon were to join the Overtakers, so any attack on the consumption of oil as a source of energy is a complete hypocracy. 

    It should again be noted that AIB and Vashon are neutral in the current server-wide civil war, though an asset freeze and embargo on the Overtaker Sampire has been put in place due to various unprovoked and unsolicited attacks on AIB and our various clients. AIB is willing to re-open our relationship with Sammich at any time, pending that he ceases his assaults on AIB and our clients. AIB is a neutral entity in this conflict and hopes that the civil war can be resolved peacefully before any armed conflict.
  • 0031benjy
    0031benjy Confirm Email, Retired Staff
    Reason I'm with the Libs was Sammich's (and his allies) approach to me being neutral, you're either with the tyrant or against him by the looks of things :o
  • Maghion
    Maghion Member, Wiki Editor
    Due to current affairs, the Bank of Equos imposes a freese on all assetts and accounts belonging to anyone who's allegiance is with the Overtakers. Including business and personal accounrts.

    Walt Wright,
  • Andrew, I agree to stop "attacking" you and your clients, as long as you -and Mag- leave me and my associates' previously unknown assets/accounts alone. I didn't even know there was a Bank of Equos...
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    AIB has been Lord-approved.

    AIB has a strong presence in a Lord's city
  • What the hells are you all on about ? 
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    XxAndrew's bank called AIB
  • I can't tell if this is a joke or not. 
    If its not, remember kids, its just a game.