Ultimate Oranjestad Challenge 2017

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My Friends,

A new challenge awaits those who are brave enough to attempt it: A trivia and scavenger hunt that covers Oranjestad (including her Colonies).

The challenge is divided into three parts: NPC Hunt, Location Hunt, and "Deep Trivia/Assorted Trivia" - the most challenging of them all.

What do you win? The prize is a secret but I assure you it will be significant. But first you must find where the challenge is listed! It's printed out on several signs in one room in Oranjestad. By my count there are 64 primary questions and many more follow-up questions. The only clues I'll say is "Half-Life 2 Citadel-esque" and "#1 Hobby Store".

It is very difficult, I seriously don't expect anyone to win... which is probably why I'm OK risking $$$ as a prize.   Best of luck. Only one grand prize winner.

Look inside the "Sands of Time" for the first clue. It will lead you to the next stop.  There are 11 locations. All of them are NPC except stop #1. I recommend listening to all of what they have to say - it's usually more than one line.

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    Alright - on top of how difficult is, I'm also making you find the questions and write them down yourself. Maybe that is a little cruel.  Here are the questions written out.  Also - please keep in mind that these questions cover all of Oranjestad, plus the colonies. This image here shows everything except the colonies: https://wiki.shirecraft.us/images/2/22/Oranjestadproper.png

    Also, I've tagged each question with a few symbols:
    IG = Answer can be found entirely in-game
    EX = Requires some outside research (google, etc) in addition to in-game hunting
    NPC = Needs in-game NPCs to answer
    WIKI = Needs Wiki Research to answer

    1. Since I've posted the clues here, can you tell me where you can find these questions in-game? IG
    2. How many hangars are at OAX? IG
    3. There is a building called Pinot Noir Living Complex - why is it called "Pinot Noir"? (look at our YouTube channel for a clue). EX
    4. There is a mega-complex underneath the Gavin Cabins. Who is it named for? What ability does he have? EX
    5. What does the Black Rock Expressway connect to? IG
    6. Where is the Saban-Smith Family Living Center? Who is it named for? (hint - related to Elk Woodturning floor in Shire Spire) EX
    7. There is a letter to "Red" (spelled out in signs) in the Saban-Smith center (in a back hallway, not an apartment)- what is the letter from? What is the name of the town the letter references? EX
    8. How many holes are in the Putt-Putt center? IG
    9. How many lanes are at Shire Bowl East? IG
    10. The original Bakajin Tribunal is now within Oranjestad city limits. Who made it? Where is it? IG
    11. What is inside the Ammonia Avenue warehouses? What is it named for? EX 
    12. What is the name if the Skate Park? IG
    13. There is a rose garden in the city. Who is it named for? IG
    14. There is a plaza across from the Vaporwave Condos - called what? IG
    15. The memorial library in the Summit neighborhood is named after who? Who plays him? EX
    16. What company occupies the top floor(s) of Podopo Tower? Who is watching from the top floor? IG, NPC
    17. What do they sell in Fountain Square? IG
    18. Where is the Taffey Lewis Snake Pit Club? Who is it named after? What's he from? EX
    19. Reddfighter has an archeological dig site. Where? IG
    20. The is a secret room underneath a building off Division Bell Rd. It can only be accessed from the outside. What is inside the room? IG
    21. Where is the BORK GROUP headquartered in Oranjestad? (name of building) IG
    22. What political leader's head is above the door in the Spoils of Lordship vault? IG
    23. There is a sign on one of the three buildings that make up East Budapest that proclaims The Shire is the #1 exporter of what? IG
    24. What is the reactor pit in Hyperion Hive called/full of? What are the associates who work there part of (company name)? IG
    25. There is a restaurant at the west end of Oracle of Apollo Rd - what is it called? IG
    26. Who built the exterior of the Shire Aquifer building? IG
    27. The Oranjestad colony of Voynich has what major area looming over it to the west? IG
    28. What year does it say the Benton House was built? IG
    29. There is a sign on the side of the water tower - what is the reference? EX
    30. What first brought settlers to the Oranjestad colony of Étouffée? WIKI
    31. What was Buckingham Green colony first known as? WIKI
    32. There is an outdoor art project in the Oranjestad colony of Waldorph. What year does it say it was made? IG
    33. Where did the immigrants who settled the colony of Coda come from? WIKI
    34. The colony of Big League came under Oranjestad control during what revolt in nearby Ebethron? WIKI
    35. Can you find the five religious figures in Oranjestad? Christ, Muhammad, Moses, Buddha, and Shiva? Answer w/ either something they say or where they are located. NPC
    36. A Christian, Muslim, and Jew walk outside of a bar... sounds like a joke - what bar are they outside of? NPC
    37. Where is the Mr. Saturn camp? NPC
    38. Where can I find Superman? Spiderman? Batman? NPC
    39. Where can I find Michael Dorn? NPC
    40. What does Bjorn Jr. dream of doing some day? NPC
    41. There is a sign next to Vicky that repeats itself... saying what? NPC
    42. There is a sign next to Abby.. if she were president, what would she be called? NPC
    43. What event is happening at The Irving? IG
    44. What item could I find at Powers Hamburgers? (as in the [Free] sign there) IG
    45. What are people protesting outside the House of Revenants? IG
    46. What does the Telephasic Workshop offer? (as in [Free] signs) IG
    47. I need a Halitosis Specialist. Where could I find one? IG
    48. Who runs the Glass Blowing Studio? IG, NPC
    49. Who lives above Pizza Queen? NPC
    50. Where is a good place to buy bulk flowers (direct from a farm)? IG
    51. What did Werner Tautz do back in the day? IG
    52. Who works in the NOC of the ShireBound Capital DataCenter? NPC
    53. What services does Woodburn Hall provide? IG
    54. Who built College of Minds? IG
    55. There is a farm out east, past the Oranjestad Zoo - what is it called? IG
    56. When did Oranjestad start IRL? What did it start as? WIKI
    57. What is Lusus named for (related to Hyperion Hive)? EX
    58. What is Watermelon in Easter Hay named for? (clue: see Florentine Pogen tower) EX
    59. Who did the Interior of Capsize Cruises? IG
    60. Who did the exterior of Yellow Brick Tower? (and Pink Moon and Oranje Cliffs) **Clue - These towers are copied sections of another build in Oranjestad that has the name of the creator posted on the front door** IG 
    61. What is the FlightWave building and all the tenants themed after?  EX
    62. What are all the tenants of Beach Fossils tower themed after?  EX
    63. What is Black Acre Brewing named after IRL? Where is it in-game?  EX
    64. Who did the exterior of Abacus Tower? **Clue - this is a copied build from a nearby town built by the creator. Another copy of this exists in Central Mainland.** IG 
    65. What is Dalaam Tower and its tenants themed after? EX
    66. What is Burdwurld tower named after? What are its two lower level tenants? EX

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  • I found answers to five questions plus two NPCs last night. I think this quest is the cool break Shirelings could use after this past BC! =D
  • I've added a bonus round, in-game only.

    Look inside the "Sands of Time" for the first clue. It will lead you to the next stop.  There are 11 locations. All of them are NPC except stop #1. I recommend listening to all of what they have to say - it's usually more than one line.
  • I am up to 13 questions answered after about 6-8 hours of working at it. It may take a long time, but I am having a blast! Thanks Nebs, Hay is right, it is a great change of pace!
  • OMG!! Are you kidding me with this Wiki Nebbers?!? I was expecting a one or 2 page mock Wiki thing. What I got was a REAL FREAKING WIKI!! Full descriptions and links with more info on each area. I have a hard time remembering this is a Minecraft town when I read it! I have been reading books set in the late 1800's of settlers to the west and now this and that are overlapping ROFL. I decided today to answer the WIKI questions before I log in. I have 43 questions done (as well as part of the bonus), and I felt this was a good time to get to reading. As I brought up the page, I decided, I am going to read this entire thing. I felt, you took the time to write it for us, I will be honored to read it through. I have just gotten to the links for each area, so now have to revamp that idea lol. I will read through the main page and click what links I need to for the quiz...for now. However I WILL be going back and reviewing what I missed after I am done with the quiz.
     You have outdone yourself! I am honored to say I am a part of this community, this server, this family. You put so much into everything you do for and with us, I can only imagine you are the best person to know IRL as well. I love the City of Oranjestad, and find that I can not wait to get back to the quiz just so I can keep exploring. The only thing I am dreading about this whole quiz, is that there is an end to it. 
    OK, I am done being sappy now. I must get back to reading!
  • [quote="DreamingAtDawn03;7894"]I can only imagine you are the best person to know IRL as well.


    I'm glad you like it!!! I'm sure I have more than enough detail to make a few more quizzes if you want more to do, haha. Maybe one for the whole world, lol.  But hey... you think my wiki was nice... you should see the other pages. They are way more in depth than mine!
  • MORE MORE MORE!! Yes please!! I am at 53 questions done and many of the bonus ones as well. I am getting close and dreading the end. I agree there are many things I have seen that would be great for more quizzes in this city alone! That said, I would do a full world one as well, and enjoy every minute of it. Now, I have a quiz to get back to! Oh, and that non quiz related thing I was doing with the signs with codes...got 45 of those :) 
  • DAWN is the FIRST to submit the quiz!!! This starts the countdown - submit your own answers by February 1st to find out who will win!! Ties will result in a runoff challenge.
  • Y'all need to submit some answers or Dawn is going to win untold treasures and achieve ultimate greatness all by herself, she's the only one who has submitted questions so far.
  • I can handle that :)
  • Hang on I've finished my exams now, I might be able to answer a few :')
  • CONGRATULATIONS to DAWN for being the WINNER of the 2017 Oranjestad Challenge!!! If YOU have not yet submitted answers, I still encourage you to do so - you'll still win something if you get Dawn's score or higher.

    Dawn - I have some details to work out and then I'll have a prize figured out for you :)
  • YAY! It was a blast and I highly suggest others to do it. I can not wait for the next one!
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