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Why i was away so long...

tij62tij62 Member
edited January 2017 in Information and Rules
Hey guys, i don't really know if you noticed, but i wasn't on the server for the last 2 or 3 weeks. That's because i have an issue with my PC, ill tell it later what it is. It could be, that i will no longer be able to play Minecraft again... Or for a month at least. Well, all this was caused by my father, who accidentally deleted my whole PC account. You probably think i could make a new account and i can play again, but for some reason, i can't create one and if i would create one and login, it shows me a error message.
My father said he will fix this issue, but i think, he won't do it. I hope he will investigate this, so i can play with you guys again. :'(


P.S: The good news is, that ive got a headset now! :smiley:
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