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I've been quite busy with school stuff, mostly pertaining to meeting the graduation requirements and school work for university applications, so naturally I don't really have much time for games like Minecraft because it takes up quite a lot of time per session. Though with a tight schedule like this, I still want to relax a bit and play some sort of game with a continuous progress. 

So a game kinda like Tribal wars, if any of you played it (I know you did, Jimmy). For those who don't know, Tribal wars is a browser game that involves upgrading armies, buildings in order to conquer other villagers to win, and all of the actions take a set amount of time. It's essentially a real time strategy game except it's an MMO and is played over an extended period of time. Eventually the game took up more time than it saved (because it helped stopped my 6 hour binge gaming), I ended up checking it every few minutes in fear of getting attacked because it's a competitive mmo game. Long story short, I got too addicted, so I forced myself to stop.

Well the nostalgia kicked in and I miss those times where I check the game for a couple of minutes and go wait for a couple hours just to do the same (kinda odd, I guess). so I want to start playing these types of games again, except I'm afraid that it would take up the majority of my time because of the aggressiveness and the requirement of you having to be online constantly. so, I'm asking if any of you ever played these types of games except a bit more laid back and is more single player oriented, therefore cutting down the amount of time I have to spend on it. 

Any suggestions would be great!


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    Cyber Nations is a free persistent browser-based nation simulation game. Create a nation and decide how you will rule your people by choosing a government type, a national religion, tax rate and more. Build your nation according to your choosing by purchasing infrastructure to support your citizens, land to expand your borders, technology to increase your effectiveness, and military to defend your national interests.

    Develop improvements for your nation such as harbors to enhance your ability to trade with other nations, build clinics and hospitals to increase your total population, and invest in schools and universities to increase your people's literacy rate. Finance national wonders like great temples and monuments for your citizens to marvel at, develop movie industries to increase your population's happiness, or expand beyond the confines of this world by building colonies on the moon and mars to open up rich opportunities for your nation. It's all up to you. How will you rule your nation?

  • Simcity 2013 or Simcity 4.

    2013 is much more acadey, and much easier to understand what's going on, whought is suffers from some things being oversimplified.

    4 is much mire indepth, nut you'll find yourself lost a lot of the time.
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