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Hi everyone! I think it's really important for you all to know that I love you and hope you are having a wonderful night/day. Thank you bye!


  • Hi Wuggeh! Thanks! My day is alright - my stomach is having some difficulties though - I made this homemade lentil soup last night and it is just wrecking my insides. I mean, it was delicious, don't get me wrong. When I woke up this morning, I was sure I would have found that the walls of my room had blistered and cracked just from the noxious fumes I produced in my sleep.

    Anyway - thanks for asking. I hope you're having a great day as well.
  • Thanks Wuggeh! my day is better any day I get time with my Shire friends and family. I love you all too! I hope your day is all you want it to be and more. :)
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    genuinely nice post is suspicious
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