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I'd like to join partly because my friend, TrizerKC, plays frequently there, and he asked me and another friend of ours to join survival. Other than that, the Shire is known to be an old server with lots and lots to explore, has a nice community and is place to build. Most likely, when I've joined, we'll play survival in a group of 3, or that kind of stuff. Quick sidenote, I might not be the most active player :smile:

A lil' bit about myself, I'm a 15 and a half year old Minecrafter from Finland. I like coding, building, practicing pvp, exploring, and well, pretty much everything in Minecraft, which is why I play it like every single day.



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    Thank you for your membership application.

    I've promoted you to our 'Tyrule' rank.

    You may now build at /warp tyrule where you'll find everything you need to show us your style and skill level and hopefully join us in the main world.

    If you don't like the idea of building for ranks, we have a survival world! Now that you're a Tyrule, you can go to '/warp survival' - anything built in the survival world does not count towards a promotion.

    A few tyrule tips:
    - All of your materials will be under the Tyrule spawn. Just right-click the "[free]" signs
    - All tools and enchantments can be found in one of the spawn corners. Signs will lead you there. Just right click the signs for the tools and then with the tool equipped, right click the enchantment signs
    - You can be assigned a plot by doing /plotme auto and then /plot home to get to it
    - Your tyrule build does not have to be huge or elaborate. Just something that gives us an idea of your style and skill level

    Please feel free to ask us any questions either here or in game. We're happy to help you. And if you need assistance from a staff member, we're the folks with either blue or gold titles.

    Looking for inspiration? Check out these warps:
    /warp EmeraldCity
    /warp Darktown

    Best wishes,

    The Shire's staff team
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