I crashed the server...again

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there was an abnormal amount of caves under Naoki causing really bad frame rate issues and i was replacing them with (edit: stone) no problem, but then when i went to get rid of the lava pockets I accidentally typed in the command backwards and replaced a giant region of stone with lava.


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    i actually think this is pretty serious, I mean like it was a lot of lava, is there anyway to load a previous back up?
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    he meant he was replacing them with stone, not air, FWIW for any staff reading this getting all worried and confused. Apparently you can replace a bunch of blocks at once if they won't get rendered afterwards, which is the case when you fill up caves completely with stone, but not the case when you replace all your stone with lava
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    Oh wait yeah, was filling air pockets with stone (because there was a serious frame rate drop due to these caves), and went to fill lava the same way and typed it backwards. There was little to no lag prior to this, but I am pretty sure Naoki is now just a giant lava cube.
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    I was going to say I thought it would end up not having replaced them because of the crash, but then I remembered the dispenser ball incident

    Now I'm not completely sure anymore

    The good news is, I don't think a lava cube is as bad as dispenser ball was and, if you didn't replace any structures with lava, it shouldn't be too bad replacing it back to stone for reasons mentioned earlier and in game
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    It crashed after I panicked and changed the lava back to stone, which in hindsight was probably dumber than what i was already doing.

    The reason I had such a huge region selected was because I was incrementally deleting these pockets, and so It was pretty much straight up solid stone other than small pockets of grass here and there under ground, so when I accidentally typed in the command in the reverse I wanted to, it just immediately changed a huge area that I had been slowly filling to lava.
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    @Smoot Andy restarted the server

    The bad news is, lava cube(oid) is still there
    The good news is, it's probably not as big as it would have been without the undo and/or crash and it's probably very quick to fix
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    I make daily backups of the entire world as well as logging most individual changes. Will take a look later when I'm at home
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