Tyrule cleanup 2k17

It was brought to my attention that Tyrule has a ton of claimed plots with no builds and abandoned builds.
Time to clean it up!
I'll leave select finished builds but will be disposing of the rest. If you want your build saved, comment with the plot ID. If you have an unfinished plot you're still working on, comment with plot ID.
I'll start with claimed plots that have no build and abandoned builds that are a older than 3 months to give people time to see this post.


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    My moms plot, Mamma4 is still being worked on. She will get back to it, but has been very busy with a move and other life changing events. She is very close to finishing it as well, so please don't delete that one. Draco would also like his saved (Dracojr1027 is its plot). It is right near mine and my moms as well. Mine is already saved so no worries on that one. :) I did notice when mom started building, and I was looking around, exactly what you are referring to. A cleanup will be great to see :)
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    Don't worry, Dawn! We'll never remove anything that is clearly being worked on, and especially not when the people working on the plot are still active. :)
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