Relief Alliance east of Oranjestad formed

At a press conference in downtown Fraser, Petra governor Tom Hanks announced the formation of an emergency relief 'alliance' between several Near East towns. The move was made as the communities sandwiched between Oranjestad and Athitica are feeling the sting of quarantine. The Monon Plague, still ravaging the east side of Oranjestad, has left the cities cutoff from their primary benefactor.

Petra, just east of the Oranjestad neighborhood of Pennsy, has been impacted the most: Food, water, and even waste management were all reliant on Oranjestad. "This alliance will help bring stability into the Near East communities", said Governor Hanks.

Petra, Fraser, New Ann Arbor, Shan-ning, Nivosus, Phasma, Ghastreach, Carvenhall, and Transfagarasan are the first to join the relief alliance.

Lord Nebbers, holed up in his Mountain Retreat near Equos, has vowed to support the alliance when possible, so long as it remains a charitable cause only. "I mean you know, just don't like, form a new political union or anything", Nebbers said, followed by bouts of nervous laughter. "Like, you know, just don't like, challenge Oranjestad's power by unifying into a federation or something, heheh..." Two representatives from Petra were heard mumbling to each other, "hey that's not a bad idea".

Jerry Smithy, Laurelian: "So like, are we ever going to see the effects of this plague? Like, is he gonna log on and start killing all the trees and grass in Oranjestad or what?"

Jessie Bean, Caffa: "The roots of the shadow go all the way to hell - and by golly if Oranjestad isn't shady as shit. I welcome any potential challenge to their hegemony.

Suzie Queueueue, Stateless Person living in Clementine Airport: "I JUST WANT TO GO HOME"



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