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Former NSE High Chancellor Kiera C. Krugerrand Found Guilty Of Electoral Fraud

FULFWOTZ- Following an investigation which started in February into the allegations of electoral fraud in the 2014 Chancelleric elections, former High Chancellor Kiera C. Krugerrand has been found guilty of electoral fraud by tampering with voter counts.

These allegations first surfaced in early 2017 after emails from the High Chancellor's private server were leaked by a disgruntled former assistant, Nylo Meres, who due to an oversight in the termination process retained his prior security clearance. The emails implicated Krugerrand in a plot to manipulate votes in jurisdictions including Fulfwotz, Summerstone, Greenvale, Demma, Woodstock, Little Wangleton, and Snowy Mill, all FMP strongholds. Following the leak, Meres sought asylum for several months in Laurelian, and continues to remain in the country despite being pardoned by the Emperor, citing his fear of retribution from "Krugerrand thugs". Krugerrand soon resigned after the investigation began.

The investigation, being overseen by a joint task force of agents from Kretopol, the Office of the Imperial Ethics Marshal, and the Office of the Emperor, took a turn when it was discovered in April that the electronic voting machines used in voting precincts across the Empire were created by Politech Manufacturing; the majority shareholder of the privately-traded company was none other than the Krugerrand Corporation. With a national conspiracy of electoral malfeasance and to enter office unlawfully, the case was handed from the 1st District Court in Fulfwotz to the Imperial Supercourt, which has not happened since 1982. Krugerrand was placed under house arrest in mid-April as the Supercourt deliberated.

Today, angry crowds gathered outside the Supercourt in the borough of Capitolae in Fulfwotz as Kiera C. Krugerrand received the verdict. Found guilty of electoral fraud, she has been sentenced to twenty years in prison with the possibility of parole, as well as a fine of $200,000,000, the largest fine in the Empire since the Whitemountain Scandal of 1951. As Krugerrand emerged from the courthouse following the ruling, she was met with boos and heckling from onlookers, and one man was arrested for throwing a glass bottle which shattered on the courthouse steps. No one was injured.

Ritz-Khalifa has lauded the ruling, calling it the "first step towards the justice and rule of law the New Sammichian Empire both needs and deserves". Meanwhile, critics of the former High Chancellor have argued that the fine should have been much heavier given the vast financial resources of the Krugerrand family (with a net worth of roughly $38.2 billion), while others criticized where the convicted will be imprisoned.

Kiera C. Krugerrand will serve time Bellovento Penitentiary outside of Caffa, a privately-owned minimum-security prison which is one of a series of so-called "luxury prisons" scattered throughout the Empire. Such prisons are a subject of hot debate within the country and are often referenced as an embodiment of the elitism and class privilege characteristic to Imperial society. At the Bellovento Penitentiary, male and female inmates intermingle, receive massages and alcohol, reside in 1,000 sq. ft. single dormitories, and are granted beach access.

Krugerrand has refused to comment on the ruling, and is due to begin her sentence on June 8th.

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Sulman Vambra, Karaam- finally, my hatred of a female politician can be justified

William Fitchner, Storm's End- can someone help me? I've been trying to fix my HexBook Pro (15 in) for a week now. The power button turns the keyboard lighting on but the screen stays black. I know it turns on because it's that weird black that still emits light and shows that the display is ON. I've tried resetting it to factory settings, holding down the power button, everything. I took it to the Hexagon Store, but the geniuses there told me my HexBook Pro was actually a lemon. Of course it's a lemon it doesn't f*cking work!! I've been banned from the Hexagon help forums for irrelevant content so I can't ask for help there. I am never buying from Hexagon again. Ever since my HexBook Pro came in YELLOW even though I wanted plain silver I just knew this was going to be a bad purchase!!!

Elena Brown, Acadie- [In Response to: William Fitchner] try putting it in rice ?

Quentin Sagtit-Snotrag, Athitica- if i kill my dog will i be sent to belovento
One Century Ago, Biologist Lloyd Crothington Hypothesized That Ants Can Speak; It's 2017, And He's Still Wrong

Glendale Accidentally Outlaws Own Government; Brief Military Dictatorship Soon Outlaws Self As Well

Follywood's Most Famous Child Actors Reveal Secrets To Looking Young And Youthful

Oranjestad Mime Drowns After Invisible Box Gimmick Goes Wrong


  • I can't help but notice that the Whitemountain Scandal of 1951 is absent on Shirepedia. The government is censoring it in the hope that we forget that valuable lesson!! Don't let history repeat itself - EDUCATE YOURSELVES
  • GJRickardGJRickard Engineer
    what is goin on with this world !!
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