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Oranjestad painting update 1

Hi all,
I am a self-teaching digital art student who's trying to find interesting ways to practice. After a year long hiatus, I decided to use something from this server for my next topic of study.
Here's the progress from day 1. I finished the sketching and started on rough value shading.
Rough sketch
Basic shading
this should be somewhat done by July.
I'll try to update weekly in the same discussion.


  • This is awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product. Very cool. And an excellent city to choose, I might add :)
  • It looks like something out of the Halo series. Super cool, man! Keep it up!
  • It's been two weeks at this point.
    I'm just leaving a notice here that due to a translation project I've been working on, this drawing will be delayed for up to a month.
    Don't worry, I don't plan to abandon it. And if I do, I'll make it clear.
  • That's good.
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