Peculiar Oddities

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It is my mission in life to explore the Shire, and report back any and all oddities which I stumble upon.

..... Just kidding. I do like to explore around here quite a bit, so I feel it only necessary to let ya'll know when I find some weird stuff - so don't expect this to be a regular-update sort of thing, but just when something pops up.

First to be thrown onto this list is the Rules warp. It's all fine and dandy until you choose to explore the world on your own, to which you are then warped somewhere else, but.... There's no way to get out once you're there.


You can see that on the left side is where you warp in and it's just a wall, but the right side is (what looks like) where you are supposed to go because it has a crude stair appearance, but leads directly into a wall...

Not that anyone uses it all the time, but just thought I'd throw it out there and let the lords handle it. ;P

I expect a full write-up and a complete dissertation on my desk by 8PM yesterday!


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