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*sigh* IRC Rules

1: Same rules as in-game apply
This means, if you're going to be chatting with those ingame, you are to follow rules as if you are also ingame

2: Your IRC name should reflect your IGN or nick ingame
This means, if we wouldn't /nick you with it ingame, then we don't want to see it in chat while you're on IRC

3: If you don't have perms to do it ingame, then don't do it in IRC
This means, no chat colors, overtly offensive language, spamming etc

4: No double-chatting
This means, if you're logged onto the server, you use the server's chat only

If any of these rules are broken, the user will be devoiced for no less than a week. If broken more than once, the user will be devoiced indefinitely.
If these rules are broken by multiple users on multiple occassions, the IRC plugin will be deleted from the server.

Didn't think it'd have to come to this, but here we are.


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