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Offering Wiki Help

The Wiki is lonely!

Do you want a wiki article for your town in order to compile a concise account of your build's lore? Does the task just seem too daunting and you're afraid of stepping on the toes of other people's history?

Allow me to help!

I really do wish more people worked on the Wiki so we could have tons of lore in one place, but I do understand that to many, it's no easy feat. That's why I'm offering assistance in writing your wiki article. Come to me, and we can talk about what kind of history you want, how to fit it into the Shire's overarching lore, and how to go about writing it. I'll be more than happy to create an outline of your build's history and lore to better facilitate the process, along with bits of advice to help you along.

If you still can't find the motivation to write or believe you simply lack the know-how, I'm definitely open to writing your article for you (the amount of creative liberty you grant me is, of course, at your own discretion). However, this is quite a process and would require a fee depending on how large you want your article to be. This can be discussed in private.

To get a feel for what my articles are like, you can look at my pages such as the New Sammichian Empire, Laurelian, Xamichia, and the Cabraxte System, among others.

If you're interested, let me know and we can get wiki'ing! ;)


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    HayHay Lady
    Can confirm.
    Sam did such an in-depth job on the Laurelian wiki that I've often had to ask him about my own city! lol
    All I knew was where the Laurelii came from and what kind of people they were and Sam handled the rest!

    On another note, now that I have a full wiki for Laurelian, it's actually made building and updating much easier because there is a story to build around. =)
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    TIL Hay did not write the Laurelian wiki and that she is a fraudster.

    How much are you charging for Wiki Assistance, Sam?

    Thanks for this post, it's inspiring me to revisit my own articles
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    HayHay Lady
    nebbers wrote: »
    TIL Hay did not write the Laurelian wiki and that she is a fraudster.


    lol my attempt at writing my wiki turned out to be a big long history story and then hardly any current information xD
    So I came to terms with being wiki inept. THANKS FOR THE REMINDER, NEBS

    *runs away sobbing uncontrollably*
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    Sammiches822Sammiches822 Arbiter
    edited June 2017

    Wiki assistance is totally free, I'm glad to help and I genuinely love coming up with lore. But if you want me to write an actual article for you... it really depends on the length. I'd say it ranges anywhere between $5-$50. A short article on history would run the lower end of that spectrum, but an article as long as the one for the New Sammichian Empire would definitely be on the higher end.
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    Hello! Venice is interested in hiring you
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    I want to create my wiki articles for my builds, but I need to be part of the Wiki Editor group
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    @Wuggeh0 Talk to Andy and he'll give you wiki perms
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    Talk to Andy and he'll give you wiki perms

    @Wuggeh0 — Done!
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    how can I login into Wiki, to add some data for my nation? :)
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    GaanSan wrote: »
    how can I login into Wiki, to add some data for my nation? :)

    You are a member of the wiki editor group, so just log in to the wiki with the same details you use to log in to the forum & it should work just fine for you :)
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    haha it worked :D I wrote the wrong password -.- thx
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