Interested in updating spreadsheets/information pages

Hello, all!

I am looking for something to do on the side of my boring life, and after seeing the informational spreadsheet of all of the warps, I have decided that it would be constructive for me to assist in updating these sheets for the ever-expanding universe of the Shire. That way, not only will the sheets themselves be more efficient, but everyone's builds will be adequately represented in information about the server.

Plus, if I can compile all of this information about the Shire, I can undo discrepancies and make the documents public once I've updated them so that all of us can know more about each others' builds.

Send me your documents, so that they may be updated please! (No lore/wiki articles pls)



  • Could you give an example of one of the spread sheets?
  • edited August 2017
    I think I was mostly interested in updating the warp spreadsheet that displayed warps and their allegiances. I recently gained permissions for it, but I was wondering if anyone else needed data collected/updated
  • what spreadsheet?
  • what spreadsheet?

    A google doc I made of all the warps last year. Amazing how quickly that kind of stuff goes out of date. Same thing with those maps I made.
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