What goes in a hospital?!

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I've got all of this space, and no real plan for what I should be doing with it.

What typically goes in a hospital, except for wards?

So far, I've got:
  • 2 MRI scanners
  • A research facility for the university
  • 2 railway stations
  • Mortuary
  • Server room
  • 2 wards
  • Radiology office
  • (Unfinished) general reception area


It's the collection of large white buildings next to /warp Hazellia


  • waiting areas, prayer rooms (ie chapels and such), generator rooms (in case of power cuts), kitchens (sometimes) laundry rooms, rest areas for staff, rooms for staff to sleep in (when on long shifts), paediatrics ward, intensive care, operating theaters, storage areas, showers and toilets, store cupboards, drop off point for ambulances, Outpatient area, patient transport area (for those who need help getting home), a helipad, maternity wards

    Since I'm guessing this is part of a modern hospital, I'd also suggest car parks, a taxi rank, bus stops even.

    hope this helps :) if I think of anything else I'll add it on
  • oh, isolation wards, for people with weak immune systems, and quarantine areas, in case of Ebola or something
  • John117John117 Engineer
    Some hospitals have cafeterias to get food at and even if it doesn't have one it would need some sort of large scale kitchen to make and prep food for doctors/nurses/patients, that could also include cold storage and pantry storage for triple the space used
  • Surgery rooms and an Emergency ward. Also doctor's offices and exam rooms for regular check-ups. Maternity ward along with the pediatric ward that Drek mentioned
  • nebbersnebbers Lord
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    Most have gift shops too, filled with 'get well soon' stuff, or flowers. and if you want it to be USA-style, make sure its an elaborate architectural style with impressive lobbies filled with reliefs and statues and fountains - you know, reeaaaaally show off that excess of wealth all the inflated medical bills are bringing in. You should call your hospital 'The House That Insurance Dollars Built®', or THTIDB for short. Just make a fart noise to pronounce the acronym.

    Oh, and of course, in true USA-style, the hospital must CONSTANTLY be under construction - either expanding or remodeling. See, it's all one big scam, and they can hide their extreme greed by masking it through construction costs.
  • prayer rooms (ie chapels and such)


  • prayer rooms (ie chapels and such)


    Church of Sammintology?
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    Having worked in a hospital previously with unlimited access to almost everything, there's some pretty amazing / unseen stuff that most people don't know about - but it looks like Lord Drekar covered pretty much everything I was going to suggest.

    The only thing I don't see on this list that most big hospitals have (here in the U.S. at least) are security / police vestibules. Often times, these in-house security/police services function as safety primarily for the staff who deal with unruly patients or families in grieving, and secondarily against outside or spontaneous threats.

    Something else I might suggest, is googling large name hospitals and seeing how the interiors look through pictures online. For example, Baylor Healthcare System, Mayo Clinic, John-Hopkins, Etc. The pictures give you a general idea how things work inside, and if I recall correctly, I once found a virtual tour page for a hospital that let you see pretty much the entire interior, split up by floors and departments.

    Hope this helps brah.
  • The hospital I was in a while back had a small giftshop-like shop near the entrace. Also, I feel like the operating rooms have been left out here.
  • Small gardens are some times found around hospitals. Not sure what they are called, but "Exterior" rooms with windows looing out/in.
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