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[Mod] Building Guides v0.3.0 update

This is a major update both internally and externally.
The entire structure of the mod was redesigned to make adding new modes in the future easier.

No screenshots this time. Hop ingame and try it.
(the mod is still called 0.2.0 but the version number isn't important at this stage)

At the same time... changelog:
- Added ellipsoid generator (Hay, I made this for you)
- GUI revamp.
- Added colour settings.
- Added transparency settings.
- Added adjustable render distance settings.
- Fixed the graphics of the guide list.
- Guides now show underwater.
- Made guide lines thinner so they're less annoying.

Important features in the near future:
- Rotating guides.
- Polygon generator
- Loading and saving existing guides

Slightly distant future:
- Color preview as a part of the list.
- Visibility settings as a part of the list.
- Lines, arches and other shapes defined by multiple points.

Features to expect in the far future:
- Arrays (a large collection of simple guides with slight parameter alterations)
- Spline generator.
- Polyhedron generator.
- Revolves.
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