Land mass forms off shore near Valashu.

A land mass about double the size of the Valashian Islands has begun to form. So far, most of the land that has appeared, is at sea level. The Islands officials have lunched A investigation on why this anomaly is taking place.


  • you need help? The land is just kinda floating on the water - I can help make land w/ world edit or voxel if you want
  • Sure. Would be a big help. Only have the top done ATM. Feel free to add any details you would like. If not, its all good. Will take me a while to fill in the bottom.
  • CoffeeAndChillCoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    Not sure if you saw my message from Dynmap (AFK?), so...

    Cresent_Kid — if you build a station on your new land mass that lines up with the main Valashu one, then we could have Valashu South and Valashu North stations... or even fancier names if you want to choose them
  • Sorry I missed that message Blitheness. Sounds like a good idea. The land mass still has a little way to form. Once it is done, we could work on the station.
  • Land mass has completely formed thanks to Nebbers! Thank you for your help as always!
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