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For All Nations/Empires and Others :) Use of Contract Hall

GaanSanGaanSan Member, Wiki Editor
edited September 2017 in Project Discussion
Hello everyone,

I will start with the beginning of this idea :)
I spoke with Hay and we decided to make an contract between our nations, my nation will make an Airport to Laurelian and her Nation will give us 10% of their harvest... we made an contract and so that we cannot forget it we wrote it all on a board, with our flags of nations :)

Later my nation Gaya Alliance made an contract with Equos Empire from Maghion and we made another board for it :D
I thought of it and told Hay to make an Hall for my nation, so I can see with which Nations I had contracts for rss or anything else... an Hay told me, maybe not to make for only me one, but to make an Hall for every nation on Shire and this was the beginning of this idea :D

"I know my english is not the best, but I hope everyone understand everything xD "

And after some days I have finished this Contract Hall *phew* :D

everyone can /warp contracthall and see it :)

how it works: some examples:

choose an empty plot for your nation, make some banners like you see them on some plots which are already chosen :)
write your nation name, how in the other plots :)

now lets start making contracts with other nations ... if you have talked with another nation and want to make an contract, so go to the hall and place in your plot the banner of this nation and under it what they give you (resources, land, protection, and so on) ... and the other nation need to place your banner and what you give them in their plot :)

I only hope it will help everyone to memorize the contracts between our nations, and to let the nations have a good overview around the Shire :)

no one have to do it, its only a way if you want to :D
ok have fun with it, I hope you like this idea, if not be quit ;) joking, I am open for every opinion from everyone :D

okay have a nice day everyone :D

See you someday in game xD

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