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New build. (Possibly)

So I started on the server this week. I picked out a spot and approved to start a build. This was originally a small build but as I finished the basics of the first building, I've realised it's probably going to end up been a city.

Can I turn my plot that I haven't claimed into a region please to allocate space? And the second point can you check it's ok to carry on with that design. I read the wiki pages and it it said to do this.

I have a rough idea of the location, there is a build to the west of me but it just looks like a walled standard village. I'm sure it was called skull village or something, located near the southern border.
Any info would be cool.
Cheers guys.


  • Ok so I've changed my mind on the build I started, the scale is just too big for one person lol. Can someone delete what's there already or do I have to painstakingly remove it a block at a time. I'm thinking of replacing it with a little town as I first said. The area needed would still be the same but it would be easier to complete that a city and would fit in terms of aesthetics better.
  • Also the new idea wouldn't interfere with the village to the west, there is plenty room to the north/east
  • We can help you delete what you started - can you give me the coordinates?
  • no ideas on coordinates. It's along the southern boarder though roughly in the centre. I'll wait until I'm on later tonight. Cheers dude.
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