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Upgrades and expansion.

Upgrades and expansion of Vulashu are under way. More uniform and practical styles will be added in to the current, and present builds. Some building will be completely removed and updated. (Only two buildings atm) The underground local rail will also expand as the city grows. Time frame of completion should be about a year*.


  • I am excited!
    Snow Burnt
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    Time frame of completion should be about a year*.

    Real time or STA time? :-)
  • This is all being completed in REAL time. Completion date is October 2018. Only being 4 months in, things are moving along quite well. The underground rail itself has been completed, but needs more visually appealing things along the ride. Also, the 3rd Island to the city has had its official ground breaking. Still a ton of work to be done.
  • I spent the other night exploring Valashu! such a cool style. Do you need help with any voxel? let me know
  • Glad you like it. You could help with possibly changing some of the sand under the island you made. Its hard to build into. If its too much, don't really worry about it.

Railway Status

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