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Ingress is a virtual reality game. The game is made by Niantic. Niantic is also the creator of Pokémon go. You play with your phone, gps, to capture "Portals". Capture three portals, and link them to make a "Control field". The more "Mind units" you get in that field, the more points you score for your team. It is real complex game. BUT, it has also changed my life. Tone of fun. It is world wide. You can find many videos on YouTube about it. Check it out!


  • How much are you being paid to say this?
  • Omg I played that, too!! It was free with my first Droid phone. I remember when Pokemon Go came out, it reminded me so much of Ingress and I found out that they were made by the same people. Lol
  • Not being paid. Its just something I do once in a while. Minecraft is still the best thing out there. :)
  • And I have not played) will have to try ... so far interested)

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