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Outside Concert stage build?

Looking into some more entertainment for the valashian people. Would a outside concert stage be well suited? Or some other form of crazy thing? Something that would benefit the shire is well desired. What would you guys/gals like to see? (That would benefit the future of The Shire) This will be a serious build and time well spent on it. So please, let the ideas flow. :)


  • John117
    John117 Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    There are a few ampitheatres in the shire so a concert staging area wouldn't be too outlandish, I'd say go for it
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    There's an outdoor stage & seating by FridayFunLand, one at Spawn too, and there's /warp Amphitheatre - How will yours stand out from these? :)
  • @Blitheness it'll stand out because it'll be the best one yet gtfo
  • There is an amphitheatre overlooking /warp netherstore too, and one just east of Shai-Ling where a 'war of the worlds' production is taking place.
  • Thanks for the info guys. Will do some more researching.