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Hello, TheBestgamer67 talking here.

A few minutes ago, I was banned from being accused of downloading this world. The reason stated "World downloading is a big no no". I first asked the admins if I could download this world. I wanted to do this because my wifi is unstable and it randomly drops my connection 4-5 times an hour. I know that the admins was thinking I was consuming their bandwidth as I actually was frequently joining in the server and looking around. The reason why I was doing this was because I have nothing to do as I have a 5 day weekend at my high school after finals. I also know that I asked the admins do increase the render distance to get a better view as my frames were capped at 60fps. I think that the admins mistakenly thought that by doing this, I would download their world. I respect the admin's decision to me to not download, and I think they mistaken me downloading. May we discussion about my ban?


  • We don't mind people coming on and touring - the more people the better, it's a pretty amazing world to explore. But the server also represents over seven years of creative work by literally thousands of people - you can understand why the staff gets nervous about people copying what amounts to other people's intellectual property.

    I get wanting to explore it off-line too. But you'd be missing a lot - No NPCs, no functioning trains, no town borders, no warps, etc etc... there's a lot of things that are missing when the world is downloaded w/o plugins.

    Give us some time to discuss with the staff and we'll get back to you.
  • I'm closing this discussion as it has been inactive for almost a month. If you wish to discuss this further, then feel free to start a new discussion.

    Thank you
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