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Riverwood Grand Closed for Rennovations

AntheusAntheus Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
I'm redoing the station part of RWD to make it more efficent and nicer. I'll need Mr. @Blitheness to remove the things that you can't remove or it messes up when the server restarts or something. NOTE: I'm not redoing the check in area, only the bit with the rails

In the mean time, those wishing to travel to riverwood will have to stop at the Ampitheatre and walk to Riverwood. Those wishing to use the ANTHRACK Norshire Line will need to take the central line from Anthgan to Riverwood North Central then walk to the University and get on the Norshire line there.


  • Getting on OK?
  • AntheusAntheus Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    Riverwood Grand is nearing completion of the rennovations and service has resumed. Customers should be aware that everything might not be open
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