Competition ended!

Our Winter competition has ended. Check out the entries in the competition world (/warp BC).

Plot is missing

For some reason in survival mode it's saying I don't have any plots, wich is untrue. I have claimed the land and made sure to set a plot home there. I've been away for I believe 3 weeks.


  • Bistro - can you give us the coordinates of your plot? It's been a little buggy lately.
  • Occasionally, I will go through Tyrule and clear plots which have been abandoned or not been worked on in months.
    The last time I did this was about two months ago. If you were working on your plot three weeks ago, then its disappearance must be due to a buggy plugin.
  • John117John117 Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    Are there any plots you remember being near your plot? Maybe a memorable build nearby?
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