Just a few questions on quests.

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I have been thinking about quests for a while. I enjoy them very much. I am maybe thinking of making a small (or big depending on how much I procrasinate) in Spiridon.

Here are a few questions. Are you allowed to do them in Spiridon? Are their certain ranks for creating one? This may trek across the lands. And I do know there were rewards for some quests. Am I required to do one? If anyone can answer this, it would be greatly appricated! Thanks!

P.S. Sorry if this ends up in a weird area in catergories. I am using an IOS device, so its a little wonky. If it is the right place ignore this P.S.


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    I recommend against adding quests to the survival world, although you're still welcome to go ahead and do it.

    You run the risk of having areas broken by mobs, players breaking parts of your quest, and we occasionally reset the survival world (rarely, usually only when world generation changes significantly).

    I could re-add the Quivira world, if anybody would like to work on it. This is a world that was started, with the intent of creating quests (I think?!). It's got some farmland and buildings at the spawn.

    You're welcome to add quests to our main world too! If you need temporary permission to build somewhere to put up signs, or would like (a sensible number of) NPCs creating, then we'll do our best to ask the relevant region owner(s) for permission & do our best to help you.

    If you'd like to add quests to my city (/warp Venice) then feel free!
  • Thanks for the info! I just though of something where I can put it in the normal world! I have a few ideas and I may use venice! Thanks!
  • IapetusII wrote: »
    Thanks for the info! I just though of something where I can put it in the normal world! I have a few ideas and I may use venice! Thanks!

    Great! As long as you have permission from the region owner, it's fine to add quests to the main world. If you plan to add any quest elements to Venice, then just let me know.
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