Ich Imperial Residences Shader Pics

Just wanted to share some pwetty pictures of the most impressive of the Emperor's homes

Castle Mugg - Timeless primary residence of the Emperor
Castiliae se Magra

Niflheim Palace - Ancient ancestral home of the Ich Dynasty
Pravada se Niphuline

Schloss Sammlutz - Imperial hunting retreat
Castiliae se Sammlutz

The Chalet - Modern mountain retreat

Madris Grotto - Sanctuary for the health of the Emperor
Antrusta se Madrus

Bluepointe Manor - Small seaside estate

Castle Hyunadorea - Historic repurposed fortress
Castiliae se Unidoria

Villa se Vespania - Summer palace of the Ich Dynasty
Villa se Vespania

Babayaga - Secret hut for making mischief

Castello Barsi - Caffan Imperial stronghold
Castiliae se Barssus



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