Solurian Health and Safety Officials Release Statement Following Emergency S.U.N. Meeting

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The emergency meeting late last night [May 2nd] served only to highlight possible issues arising from the recent Samgasmi outbreak. While a disturbing turn of events, Solurian scientists have confirmed the S.U.N.'s announcement of two parallel strains of Samgasmi. The first strain, originating in Riverwood, is likely to have spread to Groenevelden through infected cattle which consumed tainted wheat. Due to this common point of origin, both strains bear remarkable similarities but have adapted to the slightly different climates in which they took hold.

Unfortunately, due to the dynamic nature of the dual bacterial strains present, researchers have confirmed that the spread of Samgasmi to other growing crops is possible. As such, officials in the Solurian Empire have decided to extend emergency sanitation efforts from wheat crop to all ground-originating foods to prevent possible bacterial spread or new strains of Samgasmi. These efforts also include the halt of current exportation of ground-based crops from Sol and its territories and the release of emergency sterile products to ensure the safety and lack of bacterial infection. Additionally, food and aid workers in the affected areas have been instructed to aid local workers and emergency crews in burning affected crop and previously-harvested product which may be contaminated. If infection is detected in crops of the non-wheat type, priority is to be given to issuing emergency recalls and preventing spread of this new strain of Samgasmi.

A joint task force of Laurelii and Solurian researchers have confirmed spread of the current Samgasmi strains to the following major locations:
  • Thessia
  • Vogue
  • Ivory Beach
  • The Kingdom of Taynia
  • Little Wangleton
  • Vadam
  • Dawnguard

This list, in addition to the list of smaller affected areas and towns, released by S.U.N. Health officials, outlines the furthest reach of the Samgasmi outbreak. Members of all communities in both lists are at risk of infection from locally grown wheat and grain products and possibly at risk from bacterial strains affecting non-wheat crops. As a result, we urge citizens of at risk communities to perform all possible actions to ensure safe and edible food products. This includes thoroughly washing foods originating in the ground and cooking meats and other food items to their recommended temperatures or higher. Citizens of affected areas should only purchase foods which have been confirmed sterile or Samgasmi-free.

If symptoms of Samgasmi are present, we urge the affected to immediately seek medical attention, as the emergency shots developed by Laurelii researchers in conjunction with S.U.N. health officials can delay progression of Samgasmi into its final stages, increasing chances of survival. Initial treatment efforts, outlined in the S.U.N. emergency summit yesterday, have proven moderately successful in preventing death from Samgasmi infection, but only if administered within 4 hours of initial contraction. Furthermore, bacterial researchers have confirmed that while these dual strains of Samgasmi are not contractible through water and liquid sources, they are not airborne and are unlikely to become airborne any time in the near future. As such, the main risk of infection remains ingestion of infected crop.

To continue in avoiding food shortages in affected zones, the Solurian Empire has purchased and added to its trade network two farm zones in the Mainland Shire: Black Rock Farms and Milliput Farms. With these centralized locations, and once emergency sanitation procedures have been put into effect, the Solurian Empire expects to be able to ship Samgasmi-free products to an additional 27% of the Shire as a whole in shorter time than previously possible. This would not be possible without cooperation from Lord Nebbers and the Oranje governmental officials who helped broker the deal and speed along procedures. Continuing from prior food shipment dates, exports of fresh wheat and grain from the Solurian Empire and its territories will take place in large scale batches on the 5th, 15th, and 25th of May. In addition, shipment of non-contaminated ground-based food products will take place in large scale batches on May 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd, and 25th. By this time, further treatment for Samgasmi affected plants is planned to have been tested to prevent further spread of the bacteria. This, in conjunction with the Laurelii inoculation and booster, is expected to greatly decrease risk of contamination and death from infection.

If further spread or bacterial evolution occurs, expect emergency food shipments to continue in such fashion until the outbreak has been burned out or until an emergency vaccine has been developed. As of this press release, the most effective way of killing off the Samgasmi bacterial strains present is to burn them with high intensity flame, due to the bacteria's high weakness to sudden, intense, temperature increases. Solurian emergency aid workers are working in conjunction with government officials in affected areas to safely and properly burn contaminated crops and will continue doing so as long as the outbreak remains uncontained.

Currently, crops already exported from the Solurian Empire prior to this announcement are expected to be Samgasmi-free, but basic precautions are still suggested by health and safety officials. As before, the Solurian Empire is taking every precaution to ensure safe and edible food shipments across the Shire.

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