TIE News - Ritz-Khalifa Orders Nationwide Recall On All Imported Grain

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FULFWOTZ- In response to the spread of the Samgasmi bacteria among wheat sourced from the northwestern Shire, High Chancellor Ritz-Khalifa issued an executive order recalling all grain imported from the region. The decision was made with the support of Minister of Health Teresa Villacrés and the Emperor.

The bacteria, already responsible for the contamination of an untold number of wheat-based products and six deaths, originated from the Venezian protectorate of Riverwood. The matter was not of immediate concern to the NSE, given that it has an embargo placed upon Riverwood due to its historic refusal to recognize the NSE since its inception. News that crops in the Republic of Orange and Purple had been affected did not necessitate a robust response either, as the Empire had cut ties with the Republic over its support for the Caffan independence movement. Ritz-Khalifa's administration readily changed its course of action, however, once it became known that the bacteria had the ability to spread to other crops and had already contaminated produce cultivated in the NSE provinces of Thessia, Vogue, and Little Wangleton. The presence of Samgasmi within the borders of the Empire prompted Minister of State Dago Vueres to order a temporary quarantine and ban on agricultural exports from said territories.

MoH Teresa Villacrés stressed that the Ministry's goal was to keep Samgasmi out of the Demmatrodine, which serves as the nerve center of Imperial trade. While the Demmatrodine is largely arid to semi-arid and inhospitable to many crops, desert farming installations in the southwestern Demmatrodine provides much of the continent's domestic produce. Coastal regions are important locales for citrus fruits which are exported to dozens of countries around the world. The Ministry of Agriculture has announced the institution of more thorough border inspection measures for foreign produce entering the Demmatrodine, which are already among the strictest in the world as the result of previous environmental concerns. It has also announced a $50 million contract with DePrey Institute in Fulfwotz to commence research on methods to eradicate and exterminate the bacteria at the source without requiring destructive and costly crop burning, as Solurian and Laurelii researchers investigate treating the growing number of persons infected by the bacteria through consumption of contaminated foodstuffs.

The NSE is seeking to negotiate a deal to heighten wheat and grain imports from the Solurian Empire, upon which it relies for the importation of crops that cannot be produced in sufficient amounts domestically thanks to environmental constraints. The Imperial Eyewitness understands that this deal would increase grain imports by 12.5%, and would last in perpetuity until the NSE's trust is restored in other foreign wheat.

Caeto Cossux, Fulfwotz- its about time Riverwood gets pummeled... I don't want to be racist but it really goes to show how a country founded by Enpeecees is doomed from the beginning lol

Demmina Tetroka, Demma- @Caeto Cossux man, what is with it with you sammichians and bringing race into everything? look at how fucked our own country is and then tell me that Sammichians are better at government

Caeto Cossux, Fulfwotz- @Demmina Tetroka Sammichians are better at government

Cyril Levasseur, Ville-de-Vespanne- this mean i gotta start boiling my chicken? -_-

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